When the student is ready the teacher will appear.


"My name is Teresa Dimatera. I'm a professional nurse with a passion for coaching, mentoring, and creating innovative ways in facilitating teams to grow tremendously.

I've been working as an Independent Associate, Gold Director at USANA Philippines since 2011. A life coach & business mentor since 2012 in XTRM 1-11 Inc. I also conduct workshops for Leadership and Customer Service in St Paul Hospital Cavite Inc. since 2020.

In 2021, I started my own Life, Career, Business Coaching, & Mentoring, where I can express my passion for elevating others and guiding aspiring successful individuals to become one of the best from their strength to lead and inspire the world.”



Billy Dela Fuente

10-star Diamond Director of USANA

Founder of XTRM 1-11 Inc.

Anthony Pangilinan

Dennis Waitley

Grant Cardone

"Teresa keeps on improving to be a Leader that values people and help them realise their true potential. 

Keep it up! ! !"

RODEL & DIANE UMALI - Ruby Director, USANA Philippines


"Precious is one of the most talented person I know. She excels in her field of mentoring and leading people. She is very dependable and has a lot of positive energy. Keep it up."

CHANTEL DIANE DAGUMAN, RN,RM -  Asst. Chief Nurse of St Paul Hospital Cavite & Silver Director of USANA Philippines

Chantel Daguman
Chantel Daguman
"This person inspires a lot of people at her young age in this world of entrepreneurs. Very accountable and accommodating Mentor and we feel truly blessed of having her. Thank you so much Mentor for all your learnings and knowledge that you imparted to us since day 1. God bless you more."

Grace Nonna Bernadette Dimatera, RN - Gold Director of USANA Philippines

"Mentor Echute, one of the most inspiring and selfless mentors I've met today. I realized so many things mentor. You taught me to forgive myself and not to dwell in the past. Sobrang relieved ako after our talk and ready na to fight for my goals this year! I'll never forget all the advice. Thank you!! You are a blessing. "

KIMBERLY LIM -  President of Cebu Chapter Gold Director of USANA Philippines

"Mentor Echute is one of the most selfless leaders I've met in our business. She has coached thousands of associates from our group and helped without expecting anything in return. I was astounded by her long-term projection/ game plans and how she's getting those goals one by one. She is a role model to me and I learned a lot from her dedication to succeed and serve. No wonder you are very successful now because God saw how you helped so many succeed!
More blessings come to you! I pray that I have more people with qualities of Echute Dimatera in my team as well! "

Kwen Herrero - IT Consultant and a Gold Director of USANA Philippines